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People react to the fact that I knit the same way they react to the fact that I have a landline.

“But aren’t you young and, you know, high-tech and stuff?”

Also interesting is that I’m not advanced enough at knitting to be considered cool for it, yet not remedial enough to qualify for serious help/pity from the cool, advanced knitters. Every so often, I encounter something that makes me wish I could crochet and only half-jokingly vow to learn, but it never happens. Or, at least, it hasn’t happened yet. The resolve continues to exist.

But I do enjoy telling people who ask whether I crochet that I’m not a hooker. (Zing.)

I’m up to seven knitting books now, including three stitch dictionaries. I’m still not very good. It’s a problem.

In unrelated news, how long can somebody last before dealing in death and destruction for a living starts to get to her?


It feels so much like stealing

The “very simple eyelet” (yo, k2tog, k6, repeat) is probably not really “lace” per se, but it appears in the “lace” section of the Stitchionary, and the Stitchionary never lies. (It’s also in the Lace and Eyelet Harmony Guide, but that seems to differentiate between proper lace and eyelets. I digress.)

The point is that I should probably not be tagging posts about the simple eyelet pattern with “lace,” but it’s too late now.

This needs to be finished by early summer. Contrast this with another project that, ideally, should be done by next week and almost certainly won’t be. Prioritization fail.

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