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And now, an unprovoked lecture on semantics

The approaching end to the U.S. presidential election campaign provides an excellent opportunity to remind the universe that, while the winner of the Nov. 4 contest will immediately be referred to as president-elect, the term “-elect” does not apply in every jurisdiction.

In the interim period between winning an election and taking office, a prime minister of Canada (or Great Britain or Australia) is referred to as prime minister-designate. The qualifier “-elect” refers only to individuals who have been — wait for it — elected by the — wait for it — electorate.

In the Westminster system (among others) party leaders are selected by the party and not the electorate; therefore, the leader of the party that wins the most seats is designated, not elected, prime minister. A representative directly elected by the general populace — be it a president or a member of parliament — assumes the title of title-elect in the interim period between the election and taking office.

John McCain or Barack Obama will be the next president-elect of the United States. Stephen Harper was never the prime minister-elect of Canada, though he has been the member of parliament-elect for Calgary-Southwest.

Thank you.


five years

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Since graduating from high school on Oct. 24, 2003, I earned an undergraduate degree from a reputable journalism school, was elected to the masthead of one of the country’s best campus papers three times, got the job I always wanted, went to Europe, helped cover two federal elections, found love and lost 20 pounds.

Not in that order.


The correct answer is “No, they’re more of a harmless and well-intentioned cult with a historically excellent track record and nice red uniforms.”

I clearly need a hobby.

On the return to the night shift

“You’re afraid of the sun?”
“Us night shift guys call it the scare ball.”

— Frasier, season 10

And now…

With the election over, it should be obvious what’s going to occupy my free time from now until (I really don’t want to jinx it so I’m just going to say something generic) “the spring.”

I don’t get TSN so I can’t watch the home opener, but damned if I won’t be reloading every 10 minutes. Go boys.

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