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Now I remember why I didn’t go to frosh in 2003

President Sheldon Levy started the sword fight with a bang, leading the student body in a lively chant of “Ryerson! Ryerson! Ryerson! We Got The Spirit!”

Read that entire sentence out loud without laughing.



The used bookstore on Edward Street turned down my copy of The Cult of the Amateur: How today’s internet is killing our culture. (While looking up the link for the book, I found that it has now been released in paperback with a slightly altered subtitle: “How blogs, MySpace, YouTube, and the rest of today’s user-generated media are destroying our economy, our culture, and our values.” Don’t hold back, Andrew. Tell us how you really feel.) I believe the clerk’s exact words were “I’m going to pass on this.” Seconds later, he offered me $5 for a book whose subtitle includes the word “destructive.” Seeing as how the latter doesn’t blame the internet for the imminent fall of civilization, I can’t say I blame him.

I’m now left with a vegan cookbook I may end up keeping (but substituting all the organic ingredients I’ve never heard of with their dairy- and meat-filled equivalents) and a book that essentially heralds the end of the world at the hands of web 2.0. But at least I have the version with the tame subtitle. Apparently the internet was not killing the economy and our “values” back then. Thank goodness for that.

I spent the $5 on lunch and lamented not telling the guy that he could have had the internet book for free.

On coming back to the place you’re moving out of in order to collect some more things and spend the night

I totally don’t have any pants here.


(I’m going to have to wear a dress tomorrow, which works out because I’m going out to dinner. Thank goodness for that.)

Reason 34,253 to buy a bookshelf ASAP

I miss my Star Wars novels.

Not that I had that many. Alex‘s collection was always superior to mine, and I think there’s one on my bookshelf at my parents’ house that I actually haven’t read.

I may or may not remember all the (printed) words to C3PO’s song about Han from The Courtship of Princess Leia. It’s every bit as awesome/pathetic as it sounds.

Vegan cookbook: Free to good home

During my ill-fated attempt at vegetarianism this past spring, I bought a vegan cookbook.

I have no idea why, though I suspect it may have been on sale. I can think of no other reason to buy something that teaches me how to live without fish.

At any rate, it is one of three books I’m parting with as part of the moving process. (The other two are being left at a used bookstore, even if I don’t get any money for them.) Who wants it? Anyone? Anyone?

New photo

The Arc de Triomphe is among the least depressing parts of Paris.

(Photo by me. I’m proud of it.)


I could make a clichéd post about where I was during the blackout in 2003 (stranded in Toronto, just in case you were wondering) but I won’t. The only interesting part of the story involves the eastern seaboard going dark in the one-minute period between me leaving Ryerson and getting to the corner of Yonge and Gould streets.

In completely unrelated news, the keys to my new apartment are in my pocket. It is a glorious day to be alive.

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