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It’s only been 15 years!

The Habs defeat the Los Angeles Kings, four games to zero, to win the 1993 Stanley Cup.”

It was four games to one, Jack, though they did win four games straight. (And somehow couldn’t win the first game, during which Wayne Gretzky inadvertently scored on his own net.)


A serious post about nerds

Really? Not all people who wear glasses are nerds? Not all nerds wear glasses? Really? Really?

The truth is I’d feel like a bad nerd if I didn’t wear glasses, but that’s just me. This is probably because I’ve been wearing glasses for 15 years (that’s nearly 70 per cent of my life) and I wouldn’t feel like me if I didn’t wear glasses. So there.

Furthermore, Renée is pretty sure the exultant outburst at the beginning of the Frog’s Theme portion of the Chrono Cross/Trigger suite is her, and she doesn’t wear glasses…

(Unrelated: ¡Olé, olé olé olé!)

“Don’t worry. You’ll survive. It’s Netscape we should really worry about.”

Understanding the universal truth that hindsight is 20/20 (and often quite entertaining), Wired has dug out the advice it gave Apple in 1997 while the company was fledgling and presented it as a companion to its cover story on the company’s success.

It’s really quite funny.


At the risk of completely alienating the city I live in and half the people I know, thank goodness for that. Not because I don’t like the Leafs (and I don’t), but because Montreal always succumbs to Toronto for some reason and the only thing worse than having it matter whether Toronto beats Montreal in their two final matchups would be having Toronto barely edge its way into the playoffs in eighth place and have Montreal finish the season in first place and watch helplessly as things go horribly wrong from there. (Run-on sentence, but hey, it’s late.)

Let it never be said that I’m not a big-picture sort of person.

Mindless dribble!

Four jobs I’ve had

1. McDonald’s
2. A dry cleaners
3. The Eyeopener
4. Encode/design/write

Four movies I can watch over and over

1. Psycho
2. Murder on the Orient Express
3. Star Wars (x3)
4. Amadeus

Four places I’ve lived

1. Laval
2. Mississauga
3. Toronto
4. The Eyeopener

Four TV shows I love

1. Arrested Development
2. CSI
3. Frasier
4. …

Four places I’ve vacationed

1. Florida
2. New Brunswick
3. Nova Scotia
4. Prince Edward Island

Four of my favorite dishes

1. Ginger vegetable stir fry
2. Macaroni and three cheese sauce
3. Baked sole
4. Salmon teriyaki

Four sites I visit daily

1. CBC News Online
2. Technorati
3. Wired
4. Facebook
(among many others)

Four places I would rather be right now

1. Sleeping (sleeping is a place!)
2. London
3. Starbucks
4. With Jonathan

Four bloggers I am tagging

1. Jen
2. Josh
3. Alex
4. Karon

I imagine I’ll write something intelligent when something comes to mind.

I love my iPod Touch

WordPress is also far better equipped for mobile blogging than Blogger is; this will come in handy on the trip. And people laughed at me when I said I’d never need a Blackberry! Ha!

CBC Arts’ high school movie quiz

I’m completely embarrassed to report that I got 9/10.

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