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The iPod Touch is a beautiful piece of technology and is singlehandedly responsible for my decision to download a handful of video podcasts I would otherwise never watch. I think it’s the size of the screen. The Wi-Fi aspect is also marvellous; it was particularly thrilling to finish my marathon code session for the Eyeopener magazine on Thursday afternoon and then test it on the Touch browser. Finally, a Blackberry for those of us who don’t want real Blackberries and already have phones.

I had thoughts on the Huet trade, but I laid them out as best as I could here and probably couldn’t replicate them as well if I tried. I’m also not going to copy and paste them because you should be reading Mike’s blog anyway.

I dropped by the Eyeopener party last night only to find that I’d forgotten what it’s like to have a social life. I miss it.

And finally, things like this make me want to forgive Ikea for the mattress debacle of 2007.


On chapters

I was a podcast chapter skeptic, once. I now know better. When Ryan first told me that Garage Band had chaptering capabilities, I figured it was something extra that we didn’t need.

I was wrong.

After having produced several chapter-filled podcast episodes, I have decided that they are wonderful. I was stunned to discover that the podcasts offered by the CBC and CPAC (I resubscribed to the House and Question Period this week) aren’t chaptered. Maybe it’s a matter of software availability, but if it’s easy enough for a beginner, why isn’t it standard?

How many USB ports does a geek need?

More than two, and certainly more than one. If I have any complaint about my Macbook (which I love), it’s that it only has two USB ports. One of those is permanently occupied by the mouse. (I am not adept enough with the trackpad to use it full-time). At the moment, the other is occupied by my iPod cable. I leave the cable in there most of the time; it’s easier than having to go search for it whenever I need to charge or update it. And I guess I could always unplug it when I have to upload photos or use my USB key.

In semi-related news, sweet! Can a quasi-affordable iPod Touch be far behind? (Probably.) Nonetheless, I remain semi-tempted — pending the receipt of my 2006 (yes, 2006!) tax refund. Must continue to ponder.

That’s the country for me

The Star’s cutline on a photo of Vesa Toskala failing to block a shot during tonight’s game against Buffalo:

Toronto Maple Leafs netminder Vesa Toskala, of Finland, looks back at Buffalo Sabres’ Brian Campbell’s goal during the first period of their NHL hockey game in Toronto, Thursday, February 21, 2008.”

The Ideal Pancreas, Part 2

I can’t decide whether this is hilarious or cruel. Of course, people tend to read more into it than they should, leading to a discussion of whether or not science fairs ought to be mandatory in the comments.

And my fourth-grade science fair project about taste buds was awesome, thank you very much.


This is awesome.

Now that I’ve seen a MacBook Air in person, I can safely reassert my original point that it’s way too thin (and light). I couldn’t believe how light the five-pound MacBook was when I first took it out of the box.

It also only has one USB port. Pfft.

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