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This is why people should Google themselves and why it surprises me that so many people don’t! Due to hardcore (almost paranoid) diligence on my part, the most embarrassing thing of mine you’d be able to dig up on the internet is the cache of the Our Lady Peace fansite I built when I was, uh, 13? Fourteen? I can’t remember. But you’d need to know the URL, and I’m not giving it out. (It wasn’t even that bad, given that I learned all my HTML myself. Let me rephrase that. The coding wasn’t that bad. No comment on the rest.)

In unrelated news, the writers’ strike has meant that I haven’t missed too many of the new CSI episodes. And we don’t have cable, so there’s no real downside.

Go Habs.


What it’s like to be a geek:


The second episode of the Eyeopener podcast went live around three hours ago because, apparently, I edit podcasts well into the morning. Not that there was much editing to do this week. No, I just add royalty-free music.

I really need to figure out what I’m going to do with the rest of my life. Darn.


DISCLAIMER: Josh wants me to update. Should you find this post incoherent, you know who to blame.

I have now made my three-cheese macaroni twice. Nothing has exploded, nor has anyone been poisoned. Also exciting is that I believe I have modified the original recipe to make the finished product non-coronary-inducing (skim milk, not whole milk; light cream or more skim milk, not regular cream; low-fat cheese) and yet it is still good. (I also skip the entire last portion of the recipe, which involves removing the cooked-and-sauced pasta from the pot, putting it into a pan and baking it in the oven. I am by no means a chef but I have very strong feelings about crunchy pasta. That is to say it should not exist.)

Jonathan has also survived my baked fish fillets, which he said he enjoyed. They’re painfully easy to make. The most strenuous part is mixing the sauce, which takes about 45 seconds.

In unrelated news, I’m disappointed by the continued lack of an international FFIV DS relase date. That said, I’ve been keeping myself busy with a variety of books, so at least I’m not quite the pathetic excuse for a human being this blog likely suggests.

Mac news

If the rumours are to believed, Apple will be announcing yet another new MacBook model at Macworld tomorrow.

Among the leaked alleged details is talk of a 0.8-inch thin body. (The one I just bought is 1.08 inches.) And a 1440×900 screen.

I’m not sure most web designers are building sites for 1440×900. Not yet. I know I’m not.

I hate to be a killjoy, but I’m glad I bought this Mac when I did. The new stuff kind of sounds like a bust.

Kicking it old school

After a lovely conversation with Jen this afternoon, I realized just how much I miss a certain form of recreation. Among the next few things I bring back to the house from Mississauga will be my PSX, for which I own exactly two games.

(In my defence, I would devote any and all PSX time to Chrono Trigger. I’m already working on another FFIV file in the Game Boy Advance version. I am determined to follow the Brady Games player’s guide recommended level system in this one, even if it means I have to fight another 5,000* vampire bats before Edge is ready to enter the Tower of Babel (Bab-il? I can’t keep track of the various translations… if that makes me a bad nerd then so be it).

Jonathan has also sportingly offered to lend me his copies of FFs VII-IX, three games I have rented over the years but have never gotten very far in due to my apparent inability to get used to this (cough) newfangled 3D system. FFIV DS will change all that, though. Oh yes.

And this is why you don’t add Facebook applications!

* I actually have no idea how many bats I’d have to defeat, but I’m sure it’s going to take a while. Damn you, Square! Why did you have to have Edge be at a lowly level 25 when he enters the party when you knew everyone else would be hovering around level 43? No wonder he’s always hitting on Rydia. He’s trying to compensate.

The RIAA is insane

I’m a little late on this, but this is absolutely insane. By that logic I would have to pay again to transfer music I bought on CD to my iPod.

Isn’t the important thing that it was paid for and that the appropriate people are being compensated for their efforts?

So I didn’t go to bed at 10

Things learned while spending New Year’s in an empty house:

  • Using the Chapters gift card I got for Christmas to buy a cookbook was a fabulous idea. Observe:


  • The subway is running until 4 a.m., isn’t it? Damn.
  • I was too tired for Star Wars.
  • Wine is tolerable in extremely small doses. And by that I mean I drank about three sips before reverting to Diet Coke.
  • I am very excited about this cookbook and its apparent ability to make cooking for 12 “easy.”
  • This doesn’t mean I will wind up throwing a dinner party at any point during the near future.
  • 2008 started partway through CSI.
  • I was too tired for Final Fantasy. Tomorrow is another day.
  • Jan. 1 should only be a holiday for the devout. Those who need the day to recover from the previous night’s hangover should really take the day off work. And some of us would almost rather be working.
  • Similarly, why am I getting money to not work?
  • Stat holidays are bad for the economy.
  • Oh Lord, next month is “Family Day.”
  • I wonder whether I could try to get myself the June long weekend off due to my lineage.
  • I doubt it.
  • I really need to get my passport stuff filed.
  • I don’t know how I feel about Family Day sneaking in there between New Year’s and St. Patrick’s Day, two “holidays” people use as an excuse to get wasted.
  • At least they aren’t using my ancestral heritage as an excuse to get wasted on New Year’s.
  • I should go to bed.
  • Leftover macaroni for lunch! Sweet!

Happy new year.

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