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Final Fantasy IV DS was released in Japan to at least one extremely good review.

Now excuse me while I get goosebumps.



I bought a MacBook

It’s fabulous.

Less fabulous was having to reformat my iPod for a Mac, thus losing everything I hadn’t bought through the iTunes store, but I can grab my CD collection from home when Jonathan and I go for dinner on New Year’s Day.

But I just listened to Jupiter. These speakers were, as far as laptop speakers go, built for Holst. I nearly melted.

The sequel?!

Oh my.

Movie night

I don’t know why I thought it would work. We only got through one journalism-related movie before sort of giving up on the theme. A climactic fight scene in a press room will do that to you.

Blog may be linked to Christmas card killer suspect


Search thyself

Less than half of adult U.S. internet users surveyed admitted to Googling themselves.

Less than half! Forty-seven per cent! Less than half!

Perhaps I am biased (knowing how the internet works and whatnot) or paranoid (more likely) but given the fact that anyone can publish anything about anyone else, I Google myself all the time. You might say I’m fortunate in that nothing embarrassing comes up. I’ve actually been exceptionally careful about that.

My guess is that the 53 per cent of surveyed adult U.S. internet users who say they don’t plug themselves into search engines are also not being mindful of the fact that potentially damaging or humiliating information is available. If they were, they’d be using their own names as search strings all the time. Or, at least, slightly more often than never.


Cue the flood of “I knew Robyn Doolittle before famous columnists were dropping her name” posts from everyone I know.

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